Sunday, January 22, 2012

We all sleep inside of this machine.

So it's been a while. Well, it hasn't been too long, but you've missed out on some things!
I spent New Year's Eve sitting on the computer, which wasn't that exciting, but it was nice to just chill and have a solid internet connection. I feel like it's a real luxury.
I didn't do anything on the first, but on the second, I went to the Glendale Galleria with Casey and her dad. We then went to Thousand Trails to visit with people and play pool. We do love pool.
I went to Tucson with my family during the three-day weekend, and that was fun. I forgot how beautiful that desert is. It's not like ours; it's just so green. It's like another world to me.
We didn't do much. We spent a lot of time with my family (the family we were visiting. It was like a reunion). We spent a bit of time at the mall there, which I like a lot. I'm a mall rat, I really am. Oh, and Casey and I wandered the Arizona desert in the rain.

Casey and a very large/old saguaro.

Family portrait! Excuse my horrible hair.
We came back on Monday night. I can never travel enough.
Last night, we went to a show to support a few of the bands we've been promoting. I would post photos, but, alas, I don't have any. I'm a bum.
And that's about it. The semester starts on February 6th, so I have that to look forward to. And by "look forward to", I mean "dread immensely." Dear everything, I hate getting up early.
Oh, and I'm doing Fa(t)shion February, so expect a daily post. Hopefully I won't disappoint.
And now that's about it. I hope you enjoyed your New Year's/the rest of January!

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